Do you enjoy the reading, viewing and studying local history? We do as well. But we are also an organization that does history. We work on enhancing the history of Kern County by adding historic plaques and markers, writing historical articles and publishing books, offering monthly historic programs, and taking field trips around Kern County. We are sustained by our memberships. Please become dues-paying member of the Kern County Historical Society.
The KCHS is a county-wide, nonprofit organization founded in 1931 as an outgrowth of the Society of Kern Pioneers. Today's membership is open to all persons who are interested in history and Kern County history in particular.

Our current membership includes persons from many diverse occupations as well as retired people and both longtime residents and more recent comers. Supported by membership dues and contributions, the Society is devoted to preserving, publishing, and distributing info related to the history of Kern County.


Recent News

  • The Kern Grapevine Goes digital!

    Starting in January 2018 The Kern Grapevine will only be available via email. If you have not in recent months already been receiving Historical Society news via email, update your... Continue reading

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    You can now make donations directly to the KCHS directly through PayPal. Simply click on the button below:

  • An Appeal for Donations

    An Appeal for Donations

    The Kern County Historical Society needs your help to replace the plaques for three of our County’s landmarks. We are currently accepting donations from the community to replace these missing... Continue reading


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