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Basques to Bakersfield

Mary Paquette


Curtis Darling’s Postcard Collection (paperback)

Don Arnot and Jeff Nickell


Fossil Birds of the Mojave Desert & Environs: A Research Guide

John Stegall



Inside Historic Kern, II



Jedediah Smith & His Monuments

Raymond F. Wood


Kern County Place Names

Curtis Darling


Kern County Wayfarers (paperback)

William Harland Boyd


Kern County’s Desert Country–An Historical Overview

William Harland Boyd


Land Policies in Kern County


Paul W. Gates


Elk Hills Oil–The History of Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1.

U.S Dept. of Energy


The Life of Richard Hudnut (1828-1903)

Herbert B. Hudnut


Tehachapi: The Formative Years & The Long Road to Tehachapi (Special Edition)

Judy Barras


Basques of Kern County

Stephen Bass and George Ansolabehere


 Southern San Joaquin Valley: A Railroad History 

John Bergman